Mrs twit is an ugly old rag a beard, sort of.

Mr and Mrs twit ugly people who eat disgusting homemade bird pie they it weekly for supper and pull Dastardly tricks on each other
 dastardly and ugly old bully with a big messy bed. he has a shotgun and a knife.
you like to terrorize  kids and birds with guns and also have four monkeys. he drinks a mug of beer each day what meals.

 Mrs twit is an ugly old rag with a beard, sort of.Shes just as bad as Mr twit as they both pull Dastardly trikes on each other but she thinks hers thru more.She has a lot of pimples on her face, she also has a despicable glass eye to play pranks on Mr twit with.

All together I think that they are horrible old rags and I would never like to meet them. If I ever did see them I would walk away from them. To me they are horrible old twits that have no meaning in life.

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